Journey Assessment Package

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Assessing the Passenger Journey

The Passenger Journey Assessment Package engages external experts to help operators gain knowledge and the perspectives of a first-time user of their service, identifying pain points at the juncture between journey stages.

This package is different, it looks at the interchange between different transportation modes and their integration into the wider urban environment. The package is designed to engage the operator’s staff at an interactive session to better understand how their potential and existing passengers think and navigate through the journey.



A passenger needs to have confidence to navigate through public transport network. Introducing doubt at any point on the passenger’s journey reduces the likelihood that they will risk trying the public transport services, leading to missed growth opportunities.

Transporting Cities has seen many global examples where simple signage, wayfinding or hub layout appears to discourage a passenger from reaching the public transport service. We identify the moments in the passenger journey where they abandon the public journey and retreat to a private vehicle. The result is lost revenue, underperformance on mode share and reduced customer satisfaction.


Transporting Cities’ team has the knowledge and experience to undertake this assessment, and communicate it to the operator’s staff in an interactive discussion format.

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